Sunday, June 10, 2012

Provence in the Current!

My friend Liza has been keeping a remarkable little food blog called Provence in Ann Arbor for the past year or so. If you're in the Ann Arbor or Ypsilanti area, pick up the current Current (the June issue) and you will note that she has won the runner-up position for "Best Food Blog" for 2012. Whoo hoo!

Sadly, they completely butchered the URL, so she is unlikely to see much traffic from the printed link as it stands. Luckily, you guys already know all about the blog, right? It's linked under My Friends' Blogs to the right there, and I'm sure you've checked it out!

However, just in case, here are the pertinent details for the runner-up Best Food Blog according to Current Magazine's Readers Choice Best of Washtenaw County 2012. It's called Provence in Ann Arbor, and the correct URL is

That said, here's the picture from the Current, wrong link and all, because it's just exciting to see it there! Click on the image to drop in on Liza's culinary domain.

Congratulations, Liza! You deserve it. Looking forward to visiting Provence (i.e., your patio) again soon!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Football, fashion, and vintage advertising

This vintage ad interests me.

For one thing, it's interesting to look upon: it's from 1969 and it's got that late-Sixties-psychedelic-take-on-Art-Deco thing going on.

For another, there's the bizarre text, which reads: "Is there a female NFL fan so unfeminine that she doesn't deserve to do her own thing? No, no."


Okay, so let's strip out all the negatives and see if it makes more sense that way. "Is there a female NFL fan so feminine that she deserves to do her own thing? Yes, yes."

Okay. Still doesn't make sense! What's femininity (or lack thereof) got to do with football?!

But it's still a cool piece of advertising, and I am hereby sharing it with you in honor of the upcoming Super Bowl weekend.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A long-ago tea party

Long ago in the mists of time - maybe right around the Y2K apocalypse that never happened - five ladies gathered for a traditional High Tea at the Morita home.

As I recall, we did the whole bit, from clotted cream to "lemon crud." We served various tarts and fruit-filled pastries, fresh strawberries, and a variety of preserves. And cucumber sandwiches. And, of course, scones.

It was a pleasing event, and I was really pleased when Patsy found these pictures in the Morita archives! They called out to be blogged, so here they are.