Monday, April 26, 2010

This and that

First of all, here are a couple more pictures from Scott's birthday. Thanks for taking these, Christi - I love 'em!

Fun times!

Another fun time was last Wednesday, when Liza and I dropped by Cafe Felix for a glass of wine or two and some chatter. (You heard it here first, folks - half off bottles of wine after 7 o'clock at Cafe Felix on Wednesdays. This way, you can order a really good one to share without breaking the bank!) As we were walking toward the cafe, we were passing Amadeus and I happened to mention that I had never eaten there. This was immediately and deliciously remedied! I'm puzzled about why I never ended up eating there, since it opened the same year I moved to Ann Arbor: 1988. Maybe it seemed fussy or something, I don't know. But I'll be back now for sure - I'm still daydreaming about that bitki!

I don't eat at restaurants day in and day out, much as this online record may suggest otherwise... but Scott and I did have his birthday dinner (I know, he already had one, but this was the just-the-two-of-us version) at the Macaroni Grill. Sure, it's a chain restaurant by the mall, but it's pretty scrumptious stuff, and we pretended we weren't in our forties by drawing pictures on the paper tablecloth with the provided crayons.

Hmm. Did I do anything non-restaurant related? Ah - yes! Sarah and Andy came over to watch the Red Wings game last week. They won, and we whooped and shouted. Things are not looking good for the Wings at this point, alas. But that was a great game!

And I read Russell Hoban's Linger Awhile. That was one weird book, but then, it is Russell Hoban. I scrupulously avoid vampire books, but this particular vampire was reconstituted from the light and shadow of an old movie, brought to life through sheer force of will and then fading to black-and-white without fresh infusions of blood. So more Frankenstein than Dracula, really. A wild premise and, like his other books, the story itself was both funny and sad. Next (after I finish the book-club book, of course) is Evelyn's copy of Louise Erdrich's new novel, even though Evelyn wasn't particularly crazy about it. Even a lesser Erdrich effort is something to get excited about, in my opinion.

And I dug up some weeds around the house - not very effectively, but hey, I'm new at this. It's my first spring at the "new" house (we've been here since August, so newish) and I'm determined to plant a thing or two sometime soon. Dig it!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Playing catch-up

What?! I haven't posted in two weeks? Sometimes time just barrels by. Like a barrel over Niagara Falls.

Well, let's see. Scott and I went to a Tigers game - it was only game two of the season!

Since then, I've done plenty, just nothing particularly bloggable. You know - filed my taxes, took a couple of springtime walks, went to a farewell bash for Katy, bought a "Yellow Submarine" shower curtain. Bitzenpieces, basically. 

This weekend, we spring cleaned. All the piles of clutter and all the winter grime - gone. It's amazing. You wouldn't believe the black water that came out of the steam cleaner, and now the carpet is beige once more. I'm in love with my apartment all over again.

Look at that tidy living room!

Also note the new Vaio on the end table, there - thanks, Dad! An early birthday present, and is it ever gorgeous.

Speaking of birthdays, Scott's was yesterday. Note - new hat!

The in-laws came and visited our super-tidy place, and everyone worshiped Nigel, who pandered shamelessly to the cameras and soaked up all the attention like a diva.

We had a scrumptious family birthday dinner at the ever-charming Haab's (forgot my camera at home, but Chris took some, so hopefully I can scavenge some of her pictures - even though her camera almost ended up in my cheddar soup!), and later Chris, Scott and I went to the Sidetrack for a couple of cocktails. Yeah Ypsi!

Tonight, we kicked back in our yard, where I read the Sunday paper while warming myself at the firepit.


That pretty much catches me up to the present moment, which is mere moments before the disturbing and fascinating "Breaking Bad" comes on.

I love Sundays.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Book club at Christine's!

Christine's lakeside house turned into New Orleans last weekend as we discussed A Confederacy of Dunces and feasted upon jambalaya, muffalettas, and other relevant foodstuffs! Delicious, and it was great to catch up with everyone.

Ignatius J. Reilly would have approved. The whole afternoon exhibited proper geometry and theology, and nobody's pyloric valve closed up.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

"A host of lovely daffodils..."

Okay, maybe not a "host," per se. But some! Right outside my house!

They came up all by themselves! Magic! Amazing!