Thursday, April 26, 2007

A movie review from my mother

My mother is not impressed:

Today, Dad and I saw a film called "Sunshine." It's science fiction: the sun is dying, so the earth is doomed, therefore a mission, Icarus 2, is sent to save the sun. There had been an Icarus 1 earlier, but it disappeared without a trace. Well, this movie has impressive photography and lots of overpowering pictures of space and the vehicle itself, but other than that it just doesn't work. Those shots of the vehicle and space are repetitive and eventually boring.The story line is practically non-existent. Just to show you what I mean: I didn't care one whit about what might happen to the human beings on the vehicle, now that's bad, isn't it? And I didn't care whether the mission succeeded, either. I just wanted the whole thing to be finished.