Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A mini-jaunt to Chicago

So I did indeed accompany Barb on a quick work-related stop to Chicago. Well, she was there for work. I was there for the fun of it.

With only one evening and one morning to spend in the city, we hit just a couple of hotspots. First, the famous Lou Malnati's, recommended by Aaron, a place where the atmosphere was local and neighborhoody and the pizza was deeeeeep dish!

The next morning, after her appointment, with two hours to kill while some paperwork was being completed, we wandered over to the obvious destination: the art museum. Nothing like hanging out with the likes of Van Gogh and Seurat for a couple of hours.

Just before heading back to collect the car for the long drive home, we had some traditional Russian grub for lunch within the cozy enclave of Russian Tea Time, recommended by Ryan. Blinchiki, pelmeni, and Baltika. All delectable.

Whoo-hoo! Chicago! Never disappoints. Even on a mini-jaunt.