Sunday, January 6, 2008

Merry Christmas -- all over again!

Andy and I went to the holiday concert with the Ypsilanti Symphony Orchestra and Measure for Measure tonight, rescheduled from the crazy snow day back in mid-December.

I had worried that I couldn't get all cranked up up for the holidays again at this point, but I have to say -- I managed it! Thanks to an exciting musical program and some fabulous performers.

Little did I know, for example, that the Christmas Festival medley by Leroy Anderson was the very medley to the animated tones of which I danced around my childhood living room on Christmas Eves long past. I found myself whispering to Andy, "This is the best part!" more than once.

And King George II would be pleased to know that the Pease Auditorium audience stood up for the Hallelujah Chorus. With that kind of enthusiasm being invested in it, how could we not?

Good stuff all around. Especially the tubist and the principal violist...! :-)

Afterwards, Andy and I went for a glass of wine, some saganaki, and a little chatter at the Tower Inn, and I found myself wishing that there were people carrying teetering stacks of parcels down Cross Street, through flurries of snow, with Christmas still a week away.