Sunday, July 4, 2010

Connected again!

Forgive me, you guys. This time I had an excuse. My wireless router has been in its death throes for weeks, and finally it died. Could I have sat cross-legged in the corner of my living room where the cable modem is and go online via a plugged connection? I suppose. But I didn't. I like to be comfy on my couch.

All set now. I bought one of those idiot-proof Cisco "Valet" wireless routers and it was an immediate, unbroken, speedy, and perfect wireless connection the minute I plugged it in. Ahhhh.

So - what have I been doing?

I'm still mourning my iPod Touch, but it's been good for me to stop peering at that tiny screen all the time. (This is not to say that I will not buy one again eventually - believe me. I became too addicted to it to imagine a permanent life without it.)

Scott and I went camping last weekend for the first time in two years. It was wonderful. We got incredibly filthy and grimy after two days of camping, then went to the Frederik Meijer Sculpture Gardens in all our aromatic glory. And when it comes to glory, the Dale Chihuly glass sculpture exhibits there were completely astonishing. Perfectly placed and startling whenever we came upon them. I took pictures.

I've done various other things, too, obviously, in the last three weeks since I last posted. Busy days at work, and fun times out and about. Father's Day. Parties with coworkers. Dinners with friends. Good books read. It's been fun, and it's been busy, and the whole point of this blog was to keep track of all that. (Let's face it, it's really just a diary.) But for now, I've decided that if I get too obsessed about trying to "catch up," I'll never blog again! So I'm starting from scratch for now and boiling it down to yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Yesterday was my mother's birthday (happy birthday, Mum!) and we went to Cinematic Titanic with Sarah and Andy... tonight we enjoyed a fire in the firepit and listened to the pops and zings of local fireworks... and tomorrow is the Fourth of July.

Happy Independence Day, everyone!