Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A book review from my mother

My mother is unimpressed:

I have started the book by the Danish author living in Dublin, called The Exception. I'm sorry to say that so far I am not the least bit interested. I haven't read enough to connect to characters or plot, and I'm being held back by the exceedingly dull writing style. It's that Danish simplicity-and-realism stuff. Here's a sentence from page 8: "Iben and Malene hang up their coats in the narrow passage of Sophie's flat. The air is heavy with the smell of fried food, wine, and people." From page 70 (which I haven't reached yet): "Anne-Lise sits down. Iben looks in her address book and realises that she has the wrong number for Anne-Lise." Page 371: "Malene looks around the room. The remains of her supper are on the coffee table." See what I mean? I doubt that I'll finish this book. In fact, I may not go any farther at all. It's just tedious.