Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend getaway

Well, it was a hyggelig weekend, as they say in Denmark. I'm glad we did it. It was nice and chilly out, too, which made for a bracing boat ride and a pleasant stomp around the lake.

The funny thing about going somewhere for a day is that it feels as though I've actually "been on vacation," even though it was really just part of a weekend. There were some pretty views to be seen on the ride there and back, too. Although we were mostly just obsessed with the five million channels on Christine's XM radio on the way back...!

Anyway. Here's to weekend getaways.

Couple of photos:


Preparing the taco bar

Something is on fire!

Kitchen chat

Contrasts in hair color on the deck

Parting shot

Fun times!

In other news, I solved the Case of the Black Rectangle this morning. I had the 'Caption' setting on 'Text1,' whatever that is, when I thought I had turned it to 'Off.' So there you go. End of mystery!

I start the week refreshed by having been up north and with my television viewing unobscured by black rectangles.