Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Remember Nik Kershaw?

His one giant hit in the States was Wouldn't It Be Good in 1984. But in Europe, he was huge. Heck, he sang at Live Aid! In my mid-teens, I was all about Nik Kershaw. I mean... those eyebrows alone...! Nik may not have been aware of this, but I was in fact Mrs. Kershaw.

Today, I listened to the Bonneville soundtrack, which, to my startlement, contained a Nik Kershaw song called "Wounded" from 2002. I had no idea he was still recording. And it was good! Edgy! energetic! with sharp lyrics! We're wounded but walking, dumbstruck but talking still. All with a big brass samba jam going on behind him.

And his distinctive voice -- a little like Rufus Wainwright's, now that I hear it again -- sounds the same as it ever did when he had frosted spiky hair and shoulder pads! I was thrilled.

Then I learned that Nik has a brand new album out, on his own label. Well, okay, 2006. Close enough to brand new. How wonderful is that?

Needless to say, I ordered it.

There's nothing like re-igniting a teenage crush in one's thirties...!

Oh, Maeve... I always knew you were Mrs. Kershaw...