Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy birthday, Mum!

I was delighted to learn today that Mum was thoroughly pampered for her birthday. She reports that not only did she get all manner of luxurious gifts, but that Dad took her to the Australian Reef 'n' Beef restaurant in Copenhagen for an exotic repast:

We had crocodile satay to start with, then I ordered kangaroo steak, Dad had a bouillabaisse fish soup, with five different kinds of fish. The waiter explained all the different foods, for example that only the tail of the crocodile is used and that kangaroos are considered a pest in Australia. At some point Dad mentioned my birthday, so the waiter brought a Danish flag and placed it on the table. When our dessert came (Aussie Frozen Dream), mine had a sparkler throwing light plus a "Happy Birthday" greeting written in chocolate on the plate. A big surprise, and very sweet of the young man. It reminded me of Ruby's in New York!

Hurray! It sounds like a fun place... and that Aussie Frozen Dream looks delicious.

Note the bottle of Tabasco sauce in one of those pictures. Hee hee! That makes me smile. Either Dad convinced the waiter to bring it, or he brought his own bottle with him. You have to understand: for Dad, dinner is simply not dinner without Tabasco sauce...

In any case... happy birthday, Mum!