Thursday, November 22, 2007

I love a parade

Y' know what? I love the Detroit Thanksgiving Day parade.

I love watching it every year on TV, in my PJs, while Scott brings me coffee refills.

I love the old-fashioned computer graphics, and I hope they never change them.

I love the fact that the floats and balloons embody such entities as Mother Goose, penguins, bookworms, and smiley stars instead of glitzy Disney characters.

I love giggling whenever Carmen Harlan urges rapturously, "Let's take a listen!" and the marching band immediately finishes its song and starts marching silently in place.

I love seeing Woodward Avenue awash in color and laughter.

I love the fact that Santa entreated the children of Detroit to stay positive during this troubled time for the city "because your parents need your help right now."

It's hokey, I guess. I know it's hokey! But I love it.