Saturday, April 12, 2008

I'm famous!

You know my previous post about winning the bet I placed on the Grand National?

Well, I just got a message from my journalist cousin Richard, who knows a good news item when he sees one: "You're now a media star in Ireland's biggest selling newspaper! Check it out! This will appear in the Sunday World this weekend."
He attached a pdf file of a page in the Sunday World called "The Who Column" with little snippets of celebrity sightings and interesting anecdotes. There's a picture of me and Dickie, accompanied by this blurb:

WHO was a ‘grand’ winner? Maeve Sullivan flew into Bangor from the US last week and showed all the serious punters how easy it is to pick a winner. In town for a family wedding the girl from Michigan stuck a pin in the paper and came up with Comply Or Die which promptly romped home in the Grand National. After nipping out of the reception to watch the race she suddenly realised she had a problem – she would be on her way back to the States before the bookies opened on Monday! Step up knight in shining armour Dickie Young. He put his hand in his pocket and handed over the winnings – in return for the winning docket of course!

How exciting is that! I can't believe it. I'm famous!

I will happily grant autographs and interviews upon request... ;-)

Tomorrow I'll see if I can figure out how to post it.