Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend wonders, culinary and musical...

Saturday night was the big Kerrytown dinner, held once a month inside the Kerrytown market area. About 150 people were there, tucking into a sumptuous Italian repast prepared by Chef Casey Pennisi and his friend, whose name escapes me but which I will definitely add when I have been reminded, since he deserves due credit for this extraordinary feat.

The feat is this: the two of them prepared, cooked, and plated all 150 five-course meals. No prep cooks. Just the two of them. Incredible. And it was delicious.

The menu (thanks, Liza!):

First course: Baby greens, goat cheese, soppressate salami, fresh basil with sun-dried tomato vinaigrette

Second course: Seared scallops with tomatoes, peas, and fresh oregano over rigatoni

Third course: Lean pork and spinach stuffed into a cannelloni shell covered with pecorino cream sauce

Fourth course: Red wine braised beef brisket with sauteed zucchini, eggplant and porcini mushrooms.

Fifth course: Cannolis with limoncello in the filling.

The birthday boy and me, enjoying the excellent table company!

Liza demonstrates how to shake up a bottle of ketchup.
(Not really, but the gesture seemed to require a caption...!)

Proud father of the chef at the next table!

And then, last night, there was Joe Jackson at the Michigan Theater (click for a rave review of the show!). That guy just throws his head back and delivers the goods. Lightning-fast fingers on the keys and unbeatable energy with the songs shifting from classicalesque to jazzesque and back to poppish, but never only one of the three at a time. And the whole crowd swaying and singing along - including a very happy Barb, Sarah, and me.

A simple and powerful trio!