Thursday, May 29, 2008

Aubree's is Ausom'e

Gotta love Aubree's. Meeting three splendid friends for a splendid pizza and a couple of refreshing pints is a perfect way to round off a Wednesday work day.

Then I came home and excavated the foyer* so I could dig out the roll-away cot, just in case I do have houseguests tonight, and that inspired me to keep right on cleaning. I hoisted a dead TV and two dead inkjet printers out to sit next to the dead toilet that my landlord still hasn't moved from the side of the house. This place is starting to look like the town dump anyway: once there's a commode sitting outside your house it's all over, so why not add to it? Covered the whole mess with a sheet (nobody can say I'm not classy!), then stormed inside and kept cleaning. Place looks pretty good now. Just needs a good de-griming. I can do that this afternoon.

Anyway. Yay Aubree's, and thanks, ladies. That was just what I needed to get cranked up for cleaning.

*As I groggily sipped my morning coffee this morning, I read a reference in a magazine to a "mudroom." I perked up. That's what I have: a mudroom! I've always felt weird calling it a "foyer," 'cause, trust me, that mess ain't no foyer. And "entranceway" is boring. I like the idea of a mudroom! So much more accurate!