Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Miraculously, Scott's alive...

Today, Scott was in an accident that could have killed him. He signalled that he was turning at an intersection and started slowing down, and the guy behind him simply slammed into him, pushing his car into oncoming traffic, at which point another car hit him in the front.

The air bags saved him. The guy who hit him kept desperately apologizing. The officer who drove Scott home (and towed the car to our driveway) called him an incredibly lucky man.

When I got home and saw the car, I started shaking and I haven't stopped since.

Scott and I are just sitting here in shock. And all I can feel is gratitude, immense gratitude and relief that he's okay.
Progressive is on the ball. They have asked us to send photos and say that since it's a pretty obvious back-ender, we should at least be getting 500 dollars. That'll help us get a replacement car, anyway, at some point.

.I don't care about that right now. Scott's alive! That's what matters.