Saturday, May 31, 2008

Determined to stay positive...

Scott's been off in Barb's car (thanks, Barb!) looking at cars all day, occasionally calling to update me. He roared off with high hopes and a scribbled list of phone numbers, addresses, and car details for various cars for 3,000 dollars or less (all found on either Autotrader, Craig's List, or the Ann Arbor News), and he's simply making the rounds.

He just now called me, all bummed because he drove all the way out to Eight Mile somewhere to look at a car that turned out to be a junker. It screeched unsettlingly the minute he accelerated, he said. The others he looked at weren't a whole lot better, apparently, although there's a 1993 Camry that isn't too awful. I guess "not too awful" is the best we can hope for.

Heck, you'd think three grand would get you a decent used car! When our car died last year, there were tons more options out there. I guess everyone's hanging onto their gas savers these days. Alas.

But we soldier on. The right car is out there. I know it.