Monday, October 20, 2008

Music for walking

My mother recently e-mailed me to say that she and my dad cycled from their home in Østerbro out to Valby and back. She casually remarked that this is a forty-minute trip. Each way.

This is how fit my parents are. And my sister's a practicing yogi, so she's about as fit as they come, too.

Which is why I have recently started my walking regimen again. I don't want to be lumbering behind my sprightly family, huffing and puffing. I need, at least, to be able to keep up!

Yesterday, I stepped out into the fall morning chill, not really in the mood but determined to put in at least half an hour. Luckily, the magical DJ in my iPod Shuffle gave me the best walking mix I've ever heard!

I hereby share it.

Wimoweh - The Weavers. This is the lyric-free, big-band version from the 40s. No sleeping lions here: just a lot of wide-awake trombones.

Baby Elephant Walk - Henry Mancini Orchestra. Hee hee! Great walking tune. It's just hilarious and goofy.

Jesus Christ Superstar - Murray Head. Okay, so now I'm flying by Prospect Park trying not to burst out singing.

Get the Party Started - Shirley Bassey. "I can go for miles if you knoooow what I mean," she bellows, and so could I! Uh, in terms of walking, I mean.

Lighten Up, Morrissey - Sparks. Oooh! Now we're picking up the pace.

Happy Jack - The Who. A truly stompworthy tune.

Cobrastyle - Robyn. "My style is the bomb-diddy-bomb di-dang di-dang diggy-diggy!" Yeah! That's exactly what my style is!

Treachery - Kirsty MacColl. Some of the funniest lyrics ever written set to an irresistible profusion of brassy Latin exuberance. I had to try not to dance, as a matter of fact. Luckily, I managed to resist. That would have been embarrassing and, worse, would have broken my stride!

Don't Pull Your Love - Hamilton Frank & Reynolds. This came on just as I turned back onto my own street, which is perfect because this was the final cool-down track on the old Jazzercise cassette my mother and I used to work out to when I was a kid.

When I got back to my place, my energy level was sky-high.

At this rate, I'll definitely be ready to keep up with my super-fit family when I get to Denmark.

And I'm soliciting ideas for more walking tunes, if you have any suggestions. I've got to give the magical Shuffle elf more to work with!