Saturday, October 4, 2008

Stupid old iTunes

I love the song "Pure and Easy" by the Who. It makes the hairs on my arms stand up. But I only have it on an ancient cassette, and my new Tape2PC gadget seems to only transfer in mono. Apparently there's a complicated way to reset it (instructions I had to write to the manufacturer to obtain!), but I haven't waded through the process yet.

So. I downloaded "Pure and Easy" from iTunes.

And... it's some totally crap version! Where did iTunes ever find it? Is this the Who?! They sound positively bored. Where's the crazy guitar solo? Why does Daltrey sound as though he's reciting his grocery list? And the worst part is, the part at the end ("There once was a note! Listen!"), which is so forceful and insistent in the real version, just limps to fade-out. They even give "Listen" some sort of disinterested, lite-country harmonization.


I paid a dollar for some weird version of one of my favorite songs! There should have been a warning: 'Wimp version! Do not confuse with amazing version you love!'

Booooo iTunes!

I'm going to go figure out how to set up my Tape2PC to transfer in stereo and dig up the old tape. Now.