Friday, December 19, 2008

Bad car-ma

I spent all morning fretting about whether I should try to get to work, Winter Storm Warning or none. Finally, I decided that if I'm going to sit around fretting about it, I might as well go in for a half day. So, Little Ms. Responsible climbs into the car next to infinitely patient spouse (who shoveled for an hour) and off we go.

We get a few yards down River Street and realize one of the tires is completely flat. We could have realized this is in the calm, quiet zone of our driveway if I hadn't been all gung ho about getting to work. But no! Go, go, go! Oops. Flat tire in the middle of River Street.

So now the day is a mess. Scott's running around in the whirling snow trying to deal with the car emergency... I guess he's going to borrow Barb's car (thanks, Barb, you're a hero, and thank God you were home and snowed in!) to go hork up all kinds of money for a new tire... then install it and hopefully get the car out of the middle of River Street... arrgh!

Is it just me, or is life simply a series of minor crises? Is there anyone out there saying, "Wow, my life has been one pleasant little surprise after another recently. I hardly know how to handle all these delightful little events that keep happening!"

Well, at least I have a blog to vent at. Thank you, long-suffering blog. To the readers of said blog, my apologies: sometimes I just need to complain. More lolcats soon. ;-)

The moral of all this is: Don't attempt to go to work on Winter Storm Warning days. Stay in pajamas, eat cookies, watch "Law and Order," and don't tempt fate.