Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's Sunday again

Okay, clearly I need to make a New Year's resolution about this blog - I have to write a post at least twice a week. Otherwise what's the point? Consider the resolution made.

Part of it is that this was actually a full five-day week. After the luxuries of having innumerable days off over the break, this hardly seemed possible when Monday rolled around: I had to work five days?! In a row? Outrageous! It was all I could do to struggle through the days, let alone blog at the end of them!

It was good, though, to be back to it. It's going to be a good year, I suspect. It started with a Pousse Rapière cocktail evening with a gaggle of good friends... and continued with a week-long re-reading of Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age, mainly because I thought maybe I would understand the ending this time (I didn't)... and I should add that Scott made some incredible mid-week dinners, too. This was a wintry week for staying indoors, reading, and being cooked for. Am I lucky.

Last night was Clint's sixtieth birthday party: memorable as always, and it was fun to be back at the old Clint homestead now that Casey owns it. Who knew it was so spacious without all those plants and birds in it?! I love standing there in the pink kitchen (Clint: "It's peach! Peach! Not pink!"), enthusiastically prattling at people I only see once a year in that very spot, and probably saying much the same things as last year, but who cares? This year it was particularly fun to reminisce about the Eurovision song contest and rave about salt licorice with Casey's new upstairs tenant, who is Norwegian. Sometimes you gotta let yourself get nostalgic!

And this afternoon is book club. I'm making spinach artichoke dip in my new appetizer-size slow cooker, which, by the way, is tiny and adorable. I do have to stop collecting slow cookers, though. Three slow cookers are enough for anyone, Maeve. Stop. (I bought this one with a Christmas gift card, though, so hey! It doesn't count.)

Now - more coffee.