Sunday, January 4, 2009

First post of the new year

Well, I've cleared away Christmas. The tree is packed away. The mischievous kravlenisser are gone. The cards are put away - I didn't get around to sending any this year, so I am surprised and happy that people sent me any - thank you so much! The Christmas gløgg has been drunk, as has the batch of små grå that Scott whipped up for the New Year's Eve shenanigans.

The only thing left of the holidays (other than the presents, of course - hurrah!) is this stupid cold I managed to get a couple of days ago. Am I doomed to have a cold almost constantly? And to think I used to be so proud of how rarely I got sick.

Never mind, though. This means I get my one cold of 2009 out of the way early in January! I believe! I believe! This is my only cold of the year!

I start the new year grateful for friends and family. It was a terrific holiday break, filled with people I love being with. And such a long break, too! Frankly, I've forgotten what work is. What do I do, again?! But I'm also grateful for some groovy coworkers, who make it downright fun to go to work every day. How many people get to say that? I really do rummage around the data sandbox with some awesome people.

I also start the new year happy that we did the right thing for my little Hank. Who knows - perhaps I will even enjoy a cat-free life! For a while, anyway. Eventually, a cat will find Scott and me, move in, and benevolently employ us as its indentured house-servants. Meanwhile, I have 17 years' worth of memories of my ridiculous, loving, and none-too-swift little orange cat, who absolutely adored me. And, let's face it, my litterbox-free bathroom smells nice for a change.

Everything, except for this stupid cold, is a fresh start. Heck, we've even got an exciting new president being inaugurated in less than a fortnight!

Let's carpe the ol' diem, eh?

Whoo hoo!

(And atchoo!)