Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A bus moment

Yesterday morning, I was parked in my bus seat, reading a book (on my iPod Touch, o' course), when a mournful-looking man embarked and sat down behind me. He was disconsolately clutching a Comcast cable modem and, oddly enough for a basic-looking dude in a baseball cap, he reeked of - well - flowers and vanilla.

Soon enough, he leaned forward and held the cable modem out to me, saying, "Ma'am? Do you happen to know how much these cost? Ain't it hundreds of dollars? Man, I am in serious trouble. My son broke it and now I have to take it in. They're gonna charge me hundreds of dollars. Man."

"It won't be hundreds of dollars," I said. "That's why they charge a monthly fee just to have it. Besides, you can just tell them it stopped working. They don't have to know your son broke it."

"Oh, they'll be able to tell," he said sorrowfully. "Take a whiff. He poured a bottle of Hannah Montana perfume into it."

It was all I could do not to burst out laughing. That would explain the flowers and vanilla!

I thought it was a bus moment worthy of sharing.