Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Halløj from København!

Well, I don't have to worry about my mother's computer any more... I have my own! My extraordinarily generous dad presented my sister and me with new laptops as early Christmas presents. Unbelievable - and fabulous! I'm sitting in my room (yes, the room that was once the "my room" of my teens) rattling out an e-mail on my new HP laptop. Outta control. Thanks, Dad!!

Haven't been doing a single touristy thing... it feels so normal and natural to be back, hopping buses and trains to get wherever I need to go, shopping, peoplewatching, stopping for a coffee or a pint, moving on. This is the life. Hurray for vacations at home.

Have been twice to Halloween Tivoli and will be going again, too. I think the Tivoli Gardens must be the best place on earth. Scatter my ashes there someday, would you, someone? There, it's in writing. Consider that my last will and testament.

Worn out from shopping and trying to keep up with my insanely energetic mother, so it's time for a brief nap before dinner. Ahhh, I'm living the life of Riley. Or I guess the life of Østergård or something.

Oh - and I saw the "new" James Bond movie last night, finally. All I can say is, Daniel Craig is one hideous man. Are people seeing something I'm not? Is he attractive to some people? He looks vaguely ape-like to me. My mother agrees.