Monday, August 4, 2008


My blog has suffered from my recent fascination for Facebook. This morning I acquired my one-hundredth Facebook friend, and frankly I don't think I even know any more people - at least none who are also on Facebook! So it's time to stop obsessing about it and to stop neglecting my poor little blog.

It's been fascinating, though. It really has.

One-time classmate Rom responded to my friend invite with the comment, "Of course I remember you: Mary Poppins herself!" In elementary school, I was a nerd (no, really, Maeve? can't be!), and Rom was "like, so-o-o-o cool," and obviously he still remembers me as the bookish and perhaps a little pompous kid that I was.

Yuya, who left after second grade, remembered me and sent a picture of his seven-year-old, which was bizarrely like looking back into time at the boy I knew.

Anushka and Caius both commented on one of the photos I posted. There's one where I am excitedly looking upward at something, and both my old elementary-school friends said they completely recognized my smile. I had another look at it, and I have to say, it's true: as a matter of fact I think there's a picture in my third-grade yearbook that looks much like that!

Grant and I exchanged a happy e-mail upon Facebook contact, and then to my astonishment I found he's been living in Ann Arbor for the last eight years! Here we grew up in Denmark and now both live practically in the same town.

And what about Silvia, whose wedding I flew to Italy for in 2000 and with whom I then somehow dropped out of touch? Thanks to Facebook, each of us knows what the other is doing now!

There are loads more fun connections. Long-lost ex-colleagues. Vague acquaintances. Family, of course, and friends. Only one book-club member so far, though!

I found my one-time housemate Gordon on Facebook months ago, and this past weekend, on a visit from San Francisco, he met me in Ann Arbor for lunch. This was someone who last saw me when I was a semi-psychotic twenty-year-old who was walking out of her lease without paying rent! Yet he was forgiving: water under the bridge and whatnot. A happy reunion.

Yay Facebook!

But the blog neglect's gotta go!