Monday, September 8, 2008

Ideas, please!

I know it's still summer and this crisp, cool evening is a fluke, but I wish to announce that I am wearing socks! Socks and a hoodie! Hurrah.

I also have my ticket booked to Copenhagen in mid-November. It'll be tourist-free, chilly, and practically Christmas. Can't wait.

Speaking of Christmas, though, let me take this opportunity to ask y'all's advice. (Patsy, forgive me, I know you already gave me many ideas and you are probably wondering why I'm obsessing about this, but I figure the more ideas I can solicit, the better!)

Here's the scenario. Weeks and weeks ago, I agreed to be part of Patsy's terrific "ornament exchange" idea. Basically, I make nine Christmas ornaments by Halloween and so do nine other people, and then we all give them to Patsy, who packages them up in sets and sends them out to everyone who participated. An exciting and fun idea, and I'm pleased to be involved in it.

The problem is that I am completely crafts-impaired! Patsy's skillfully crafted ornaments are already done, by all reports -- and Suky is practicing, for heaven's sake, before she gets going on hers. See, we're not talking about crooked paper stars splattered with glue and glitter. These two really know what they're doing, and I have a feeling the other participants do, too!

What I need is an idea for something that looks fabulous and festive but is supremely easy to do.

I am open to all suggestions. I know I disabled comments on this blog (I kept having to delete weird "comment spam"), but just e-mail me. Or tell me next time you see me.

Just keep in mind I can't sew, solder, engrave, macramé, color inside the lines, or cut in a straight line. ;-)