Monday, September 22, 2008

A weekend in Cleveland

Well, despite my being a veritable fountain of phlegm the entire time, which I'm sure everyone enjoyed, we had a groovy little road trip to Cleveland this weekend.

The highlights:

- Going to the baseball game (see hilarious picture below), where we chowed on traditional baseball fare and had a blast, even though the poor old Tigers were staggering through their death throes at this point,

- Dropping in on an interesting exhibit at the Asterisk Gallery,

- Visiting the Literary, which is what a local oughta be,

- Browsing at the quirky and countercultural Visible Voices bookstore, where I would likely spend a huge amount of time if I lived in Tremont,

- Chatting in Evelyn's yard... until her French bulldog Della got up close and personal with an angry skunk, which led to Della getting a frantic scrubbing in the tub. According to the others, there was a distinct and pungent aroma in the air after that. Luckily, my cold precluded me from smelling a thing. Hurray for colds! (Sort of.), and

- Having a glorious breakfast of Hash Lafayette, a signature brunch dish at the Parkview Niteclub, on the morning of our return home. I am determined to go back and have it again when I can actually taste it!